Welcome to Fresno Buddhist Temple

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“All men need an exercise of the spirit to be able to hear correctly. Those who do not have this exercise have to acquire it by learning. Neither in the old days nor in our time has it ever happened that someone could hear correctly without learning it.”                            Li Pu We

Shamata method     Nanso method

Shin Buddhist temple is a place for practicing the Dharma.
Our Practice is solely “to show our Life in Gratitude to the Buddha (仏徳讃嘆But-toku San-dan)” who is directing of merits and benefiting us from deep within continuously since 2700 years ago.
Shin Buddhist listens and learns to reach the truth of the Nenbutsu.
It is for to meet the Buddha, reciting the words of the Buddha and we always examine ourselves and puts us in the Buddha's realm,.
Shin Buddhist's Meditation Class is the place to drill for meeting the true-and-real Buddha.
During the last 500 years, we have been traditionally practicing the recitation of the Shoshin-ge as a daily routine for that purpose.
But since correspondence to the English environment is desperate in America, a new Drill has been set.
Basically, we will learn the attitude at the time of reciting the Shoshin-ge.
“Let us show our healthy life to the Buddha of deep within!”